Pro’s and Con’s of Virtual Fitness Classes

    In this ever-so-rapidly changing world, Technological advancements have taken us by storm. The fitness industry has not been left behind, with innovative and more dynamic ways to staying fit are being introduced throughout. One such innovation is the introduction of Virtual fitness classes, available on pre scheduled or on demand basis.

    The days are far gone when access to traditional gyms was needed for training to be provided by professional trainers. Due to the introduction of virtual fitness classes, personal trainers have now begun to be replaced with instructors of virtual fitness. Customized work plans can be created whether it is for weight-loss purposes, strength training or just for staying fit.

    Fitness DVD’s and CD’s are the ones that paved the way for the creation of Virtual fitness classes making it of the utmost ease for individuals to exercise comfortably within the vicinity of their homes. The fear of doing it wrong is also eliminated by the fact that a live trainer is also provided for guidance to achieve optimum results.

    Fitness portals that provide such services have become hugely popular however there are two sides to every concept. Mentioned below are just a few major advantages along with flaws of using virtual fitness classes as a method to attain your ideal body.

    Pro’s of Virtual fitness training pertains to the following points:

    • Constraints concerning the location are completely eradicated in cases of virtual fitness classes. These classes can be accessed from anywhere, even when you are in an entirely different country or state. The only necessity is uninterrupted Wi-Fi.
    • Virtual training is also softer on the wallet, while professional trainers at traditional gym fitness centers take up to an average of $120 per hour, Virtual training classes cost up to an estimated $40-$60 that too on a monthly basis.
    • The option of training at a place which is at your convenience, for example, your home doubles the chances of continuing with your fitness routine on a long-term basis.
    • Specific training methods that may not be available at your traditional fitness centers can be easily accessed via Virtual Training; Virtual training rooms are also provided in such cases for example particularly for Zumba.
    • Individual fitness/training portals also consist of workgroup forums through which interaction is encouraged between all the participants and the trainers. This not only helps with clients on staying motivated but also makes it easier to hold support sessions during the classes.

    The Cons, on the other hand, are mentioned down below:

    • One of the core disadvantages pertains around the fact that virtual trainer lacks the ability to track their client’s progress the same was as in comparison to conventional trainers. For those training for the purpose of professional sport, it is best advised to hire a personal trainer who can keep track of progress due to direct and interpersonal training.
    • Working in a group as well as with those that are like-minded and wish to achieve the same objectives as you do makes all the difference, making working out more fun as well as energetic.
    • Any glitches or interruption in the Wi-Fi connection can result in disconnection hence completely wrecking the flow at which the client is exercising.
    • When a personal trainer not at an interpersonal level increase the risks of injury while working out, than when a live instructor is present on the spot to correct your posture and technique.
    • Another significant disadvantage is that at certain times, you may find yourself with virtual classes that may seem to be repetitive, hence jeopardizing your fitness progress.

    While there are absolutely no signs whatsoever of traditional gyms and fitness centers seizing to exist, Virtual training has provided the population with another option which suits a targeted audience. Depending on the purpose of the workout, one’s work/family schedule as well as geographical location, you can choose between the two option whatever it is that suits you and your requirements best.

    Beth Martel
    Beth Martel
    Beth Martel is a mother of two, a medical professional and a humanitarian. She blogs at HealthyRecharge.

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