Should you do more weights or cardio workouts?

    When you are confronted by this question, the only real answer is that it depends, yes, it depends on whether you want to tone your muscles, make them bigger and get stronger, you want to lose weight or you just want to be healthier and have a better body.

    A healthy choice for the average person is to try a combination of both, this way you get the better of both worlds, cardio workouts like hopping on a treadmill or a maxi climb will help you burn extra fat in your body.

    While also making your body feel better, lowering your cholesterol levels, blood pressure among many other health benefits you will notice in your day to day life, you will find that you are finally able to be running down the stairs to open the door without getting hyperventilated or that you now actually enjoy an afternoon walking and running with your dog.

    Nevertheless, lifting weights can also prove beneficial for your health and not just as a way to get your body toned. While is good to look good, it’s better to feel good.

    If you notice your muscles hurt, have stretch marks and look swallowed, welcome to the club, these are common signs that your workout is paying off, although, don’t overdo it, while these signs are common, they are also pretty easily mistaken for the kind of hurting that could get you injured.

    People often push themselves way too much too early and this often results in really bad injuries that may lead you to not be able to even exercise anymore because of them.

    If you find yourself in a situation where you are feeling abnormal pain on your
    muscles or joints, you may be doing your workout routine wrong and you may want to check in with your doctor to find out if it’s serious.

    That’s where personal fitness trainers come in, you are most likely to find one at your local gym, so before you hop on your treadmill or maxi climber and lift some heavy weights, try getting an experts opinion on how can you approach your workout routine, in what way and for what purpose.

    It’s common knowledge nowadays that in order to lose weight or gain weight, in the case of bodybuilders, a good diet plays an enormous role, it can be the decisive factor on whether you meet your goal or not.

    In order to lose weight, the most common approach is to cut your calories intake, meaning you can’t eat a 6 case of donuts at 3 am, or at any hour of the day for that matter.

    I know, it’s hard and at times you will feel like bailing, but it’s those moments that test your resolve to go on and pursue your goal. Never forget that for those times when you feel like giving up we have technology, and one of the advantages of today advances in technology are that we have many delicious alternatives and many of recipes for healthy fat free desserts and the like that you may find on your phone or computer on the internet with a quick google search, so fear not, you may fulfil your cravings with healthy snacks and keep on going with the pursuit of your goal.

    On the other hand, if you want to gain weight, in addition to your workout routine, you need to eat a lot of proteins and good fats, but keep in mind that this doesn’t mean to stuff your face with every food available in the market, you also need a diet, though is a different kind of diet, this diet may include the intake of high calories, carbohydrates, protein, good fats, supplements and of course a lot of water and rest.

    Remember that change doesn’t happen overnight and that in order to get a great result you have to make a great effort. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results right away, keep at it and you will find yourself feeling better, not just physically, but mentally.

    Look forward to that summer when you can finally show off your great effort at the beach. When you reach your goal you will be glad that you went through it all
    and you will feel awesome.

    Dent Phan
    Dent Phan
    Hi, I'm Dent. I'm absolutely in love with Health&Fitness blogs and I created to all of you to be the best they can be. After all, it's never too late to be your best you!

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