9 Simple tips to lose weight with a long-hours desk job

    Are you tired of listening from people that you are gaining weight? Are your clothes not fitting you properly and you are worried? If you are someone who work long-hours in office and has to be seated to perform daily work tasks it’s very normal that your activity level has decreased and you must have gained some pounds due to that. If you are eating extra on the top of your zero activity level, you know that won’t do well to your body. To help you out, I have some really simple tips to lose weight with long hours desk job in this article. Keep reading:

    Tip # 1: Don’t drink the calories!

    Whatever you’re drinking, it’s not water, simply discard it. Having these beverages around your work area throughout the day won’t just expand your calorie intake, yet will add to other undesirable harm to your teeth, your heart and your metabolism. Avoid fizzy drinks, sodas, energy drinks, and caffeinated drinks. If you want to have drinks add fresh smoothies, juices, black coffee and green tea into your drinks list. Don’t go for packed shakes and juices in your cubicle. You can always order a green tea or a juice in your office or keep tea bags in your bag. You should always keep a water bottle with you. Squeeze some fresh lemon in it. It will be great to boost your metabolism.

    TIP #2: Change position and stand sometimes

    Standing and changing positions burns some calories, tones muscles, and enhances your posture. So, instead of sitting during all work hours its good if you stand and change your posture. Move around and take a note of something while standing instead of sitting. It will help you to burn some calories.

    TIP #3: Make some healthy snacks for office

    Resist the Vending Machine Vending machines seldom have anything of high dietary advantage. Like the sugary beverages we discussed above, most candy machine choices are not just high in sugar and sodium, they contain chemicals, flavors, sweeteners and additives and these chemicals are harmful to your body. Try not to skip snacks all together. Pack some from home having protein, non-starchy vegetables and fruits. Keep some nuts, wheat biscuits, chickpeas, salad and corns for healthy snacking.

    TIP #4: Avoid candy bowls in office

    Every office appears to have candy bowls in them. Don’t walk by them, take an alternative route. Keep it out of your sight. In the same way, if somebody in the office is throwing a party or giving a treat, make sure you only taste it. Eating big pieces of cakes and sugary items can be a huge weight problem for you.

    TIP #5: Don’t have lunch out

    If you will pack your lunch at home when you’re NOT eager and in a rush, you will make healthier food choices as compared to the choices of dashing to the closest café when you’re starving on your meal break. With the menu loaded with pictures and a snarling stomach, you’re more unfavorable to pick good alternatives (if there are any.)

    TIP #6: Breathe some fresh air

    Leave your work area and take a walk, ideally outside. This won’t just build your capacity to think, yet will give advantages to your heart, lungs and muscles if done reliably and often. I had a companion years back who lost more than 30 pounds by taking 10 minutes’ walk breaks every day.

    TIP #7: Do a Chair Workout

    Make your seat a bit of activity gear. You should need to close your office entryway or you could welcome your collaborators to go along with you! Who says you need to go to the rec center to get an exercise? Here’s a thought of an exercise you could without much of a stretch do at your work area.

    TIP #8: Bike or Walk to Work

    This is a very simple tip. In the event that you sit throughout the day, remunerate by being active when you’re not working. Biking or speed walking to work is an extraordinary choice for this. In the event that you live too far away, what about piling your bicycle up and heading to a parking garage somewhat nearer to work? Leave your car, and bicycle whatever is left of the way.

    TIP #9: Don’t use the elevator

    If you have the choice, take the stairs. Regardless of whether you don’t have to take the stairs do it at any rate. Stair climbing is incredible for reinforcing muscles in your legs and furthermore has extraordinary cardiovascular advantages.

    Execute each of these 9 tips and you cannot just remain on track with weight reduction objectives, yet you’ll more effortlessly maintain your weight AND increase a lot of your efficiency.

    Noor Najam Khawaja
    Noor Najam Khawaja
    Noor Najam is 22-year old student who loves to explore food delights and ever growing new tastes of different regions. She likes to stay fit and make healthier food choices. She thinks she should have studied a culinary related bachelor's degree instead of her current bachelors in Social Sciences. If you would like to learn more about her, read her latest posts at Pateeri

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