Prevention of gall bladder stones with lecithin granules and other food products

    Gall bladder stones are the most common types of stones found in human body. Surgery is the only way to get rid of them since they are not really detectable in their early stages of development. In a many cases surgery involves the removal of the gall bladder itself. Although there is no guaranteed way to prevent gallstones but a dirt regimen consisting of lecithin granules products and a few other food products helps people reduce the risk of gallstones from occurring. A renowned professor Field Willingham, MD, Assistant Professor of medicine in digestive disease at Emory University School of medicine Atlanta attributes obesity as a major factor that increases the risk of stone formation. Thus losing, controlling and maintaining your weight becomes the prime motive in case one falls into the high risk zone of gall stones.

    Risk Factors contributing to Gall stones

    Prevention of gall bladder stones with lecithin granules and other food products 3Gall stones have a common occurrence among human beings still once can identify the higher risk group on the basis of a few traits and characteristics they might possess. Advancing age, female gender, family history and ethnicity are among the factors that cannot be modified by an individual. However there are a few other factors like diet, lifestyle and a few disorders which if kept in control can help in reducing the risk of gallstones. Obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, dyslipidemia are a few diseases and disorders that keep an individual in the high risk zone of getting gall stones. Lack of physical activity or exercises is another high risk factor. A high calorie and high carbohydrate diet is going to put an individual in the high risk zone of getting gall stones.

    Diet to reduce the risks of Gall Stones

    There are a few gall bladder friendly food that help you control the symptoms and occurrence of gall stones. Bell pepper, citrus fruits, dark leafy greens, tomatoes, milk, sardines, fish and shellfish, low fat diary, beans, nuts, lentils, tofu, tempeh are few food that need to be added into the daily diet of people who are in a high risk zone of gall stones. Food products that have a high concentration of vitamin C, calcium, or B vitamins are considered as good food to reduce the risk of gall stones among human beings. Getting lecithin granules in your everyday diet is another ingredient that you can add to your diet to reduce the risk of gall stones.

    A diet plan to remain healthy after surgery for Gall Stones

    Once you have undergone surgical or medicinal treatment for your gall bladder stones you need to be very specific about the diet you are going to have. Do not have food that contains fat more than 3 grams. After surgery you are going to experience diarrhea and loose a lot of stool due to continuous release of bile into the intestines. This is the reason why you need to avoid a fat rich diet after surgery for gall bladder. Greasy fried and processed foods are out of question for a person who has undergone surgery recently for gall stones. Avoid cream sauces, gravies and full fat dairy.

    Lecithin granules supplements a good bet for prevention of Gall Stones

    Lecithin granules are known to have a soothing effect on the gall bladder this is the reason why it has become quite a popular eatable among people of high risk sufferers of gall stones. Lecithin granules have the ability to breakdown fats from building up in into the body. Apart from that lecithin granules have the ability to lower cholesterol level which is the major ingredient in stone formation among human beings.

    Things to avoid in case you are prone or having Gall Stones

    You need to avoid vegetable oil, peanut oil, refined white foods like breads and pastas, foods that contain a high volume of fat in it. Processed food needs to be avoided at any cost if you are falling in the high zone of getting gallstones. Foods that contain trans fats are a major reason for the formation of gall stones. Cholesterol lowering drugs have a high probability of increasing gall stones since these drugs release the extra cholesterol into the bile which increase the risk of gall stones. Gemfibrozil (Lopid) and fenofibrate (Tricor) are two drugs that can increase the risk of the formation of gall stones. In case you are using any one of them talk to your doctor about replacing them with something else.

    Jack Feakes
    Jack Feakes
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