Health Tips to Remember for Illness Free Winters

Winters is always a critical time for health as immunity is usually low and it’s easy to catch a cold or suffer from cough and fever. Such virus are usually infectious and can lead your entire family to be under the weather. It’s important to heed precaution during winter months and stay well protected and prepared. From unhealthy snacking to overall lethargy, winters are surely a hard month to cope with and a time when we’re most prone to falling ill due to low immunity.

With a few easy health tips, you can stay fit and not let the vagaries of winters affect you. Find out what extra precautions you can take during winters to stay healthy:

Stay Active

Winters usually induce lethargy and laziness as we tend to stay indoors tucked into a warm blanket with a hot cup of tea and steaming hot snacks. Try kick the habit and stay on the move. You don’t necessarily have to go hit the gym in the cold, but instead try incorporate an indoor exercise regime to keep your body active and healthy. Warm up before exercises and loosen up a little. This will help keep your body warm and keep you healthy during winter months.Exercise-Indoor

Immunity is Priority

It’s important to take care of your immunity system during winter months and one of the key points is to better monitor your diet. Make sure to incorporate foods rich in Vitamin C as this helps boost immunity. Eat loads of leafy greens and keep up your intake of iron and zinc. You can also make use of health supplements using healthkart coupons to make sure your body gets its regular intake of vitamins and vital minerals.Orange-Kiwi-Fruits

Incorporate Milk

Apart from maintaining a healthy diet, you must make sure milk becomes an important component of your diet. Milk and dairy products have a good quantity of B Vitamins and Vitamin D along with Vitamin A. Milk is also a good source of calcium which in turn keeps bones and teeth healthy. Another important benefit is that milk helps during cold especially when combined with turmeric. Rather than gorging on unhealthy colas an unnatural juices, drink a glass of milk for overall health benefits.Cup-of-Milk

Pay Attention to Breakfast

Winter mornings make the perfect setting for breakfasts such as porridge and other hot delicacies. Encash on this time to eat healthy and stay on point with breakfast. Eating a hearty breakfast will not just help reduce hunger cravings in between meals but will also provide you with energy you need to perform during the day. You can also go in for a bowl of healthy oats. Supplement your breakfast with a glass of milk or a bowl of fruit to make it more wholesome. Make use of 1mg coupons to get health supplements to stay on point with your health.Cereal-breakfast

Catch up on Sleep

Winter months are the perfect time to catch up on sleep and make up for the debt. Most of us sleep an average of six to six hours and a half of sleep much less fulfil the requirement of eight hours. As nights are longer during winters, it’s the perfect time to give your body the rest it needs to restart and recuperate for the next day. Sleep works wonders and helps keep the body healthy. Don’t ignore sleep especially during winter months.

Credits: Aweisenfels via wikimedia

These easy to follow tips will make sure you’re always at the best of your health even during the cruel winters when it is easy to fall prey to infections.