How to achieve the ultimate anabolic mode with the Paleo Diet

The Paleo diet has been known to man ever since the dawn of the mankind itself, and has thus remained barely changed ever since. Today, its glory days have returned once again. More and more people adopt the Paleo diet every day, and its connection with the world of bodybuilding is increasing as we speak. It is already known that staying on the Paleo diet can enhance your anabolic state, resulting in bigger and stronger muscles, and here is how you can achieve the ultimate anabolic mode by simply understanding the following facts. Note that the Paleo diet is not the only way of achieveing this, but it is among the best.

Anabolic vs. Catabolic

First of all, one has to understand the differences between anabolic and catabolic states. Anabolic state means that your body is repairing or building up muscle tissue. This happens while you are resting, not during your workout; therefore an anabolic state is the post-workout state. On the other hand, catabolic state is the state of tissue breakdown. Every time you are working out, whether it is weightlifting or a simple cardio workout, your muscle tissue is tearing down bit by bit. The more and longer you work out, the more you tear down your muscles. Once you understand the main difference between these two states, you can plan your Paleo diet accordingly.

How to start with the Paleo diet

In most cases, shifting to the Paleo diet can be problematic, and in some cases very intimidating, especially for those athletes who utilize tons of glycogen during their exercises. People are skeptic when it comes to Paleo, saying that it doesn’t include nearly as much carbs as any other diet does, and that this might lead to lower performance by athletes. But, what people don’t know is the difference between good carbs and bad carbs, and that carbs can easily be restocked by the Paleo diet, since this diet includes potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, and many other plants rich in carbs. On the brighter side, these exotic plants are also rich in other healthy nutrients, and will replenish your glycogen levels faster than you think. The best thing for beginners is to stick to simple dishes, like meat or fish to replenish proteins. The Paleo way of life also includes a lot of vegetables, non-starchy ones, and tons of fruits, which will provide carbs and some healthy fat. Paleo recipes can be delicious, and one can easily get addicted to them. The only potential break can be a mental break, and as soon as you overcome it, you will embrace the Paleo diet as you did everything else, nice and easily.

Make sure you eat enough food

Some Paleo newbies think that eating less food will keep them fit and strong, but that is the first mistake anyone undertaking this diet can make. By doing so, you deprive your body from all the necessary calories and nutrients needed for everyday functioning, and that will just cause additional stress and anxiety. In addition to that, lowering the amount calories taken can slow your resting metabolism rate, which can completely stop the weight loss process. Staying fit means maintaining a proper weight, and by gaining or losing too much, you disturb your body’s natural balance. That is why you need to make sure that you eat enough food, since the Paleo diet is very healthy and rich in all the necessary nutrients your body needs to stay strong and increase the effect of your anabolic state.

Healthy benefits of Paleo

The Paleo diet is known to be richer in fiber than any other type of diet. Therefore, it will fill your belly much more than let`s say pasta or pizza. A small sweet potato or yam will do a better job of filling the belly than a few slices of pizza will, although pizza has much more calories. This is one of the best benefits Paleo has to offer, since you eat more, but in fact consume fewer calories. Eating to your heart’s desire is still not enough to disturb your body’s balance or interrupt the anabolic state, since most Paleo food is low on calories and rich in healthy nutrients. So, the best thing after a good workout is to refill all the missing glycogen by eating Paleo food, and enjoy the results of the anabolic state at its ultimate rate.
Paleo is surely not the only option, but it is definitely one of the best and healthiest out there. Consider switching to it if you haven’t already, since it has many benefits which help shape and improve the human body.