6 Totally doable & professional home decor tips

You all must have heard a dozen of home décor ideas, and you might have been active on Pinterest and in the craft stores or Home Depot, but nothing seems to be working. If you are too intimated by home décor, here are the top six most doable home décor ideas that will transform your home into what you desire. These tips are totally doable, and they don’t need to much effort either!

1. Make your bed a sanctuary

Bedroom Decor Ideas

Making your bed can be a chore. The key is to make it feel simple yet luxurious. You can use plain white linens and a lot of plump bedding and pillows. Plump, fresh white bedding is easy to find at almost all home stores. You can use a white comforter and few pillows of the same accent. In your master bedroom, you should try and create a magazine look using a comforter in either a solid color, or any subtle pattern, and put coordinated pillows on the bed. You can also put some decorative pillows to make it look more chic.

2. Scent matters

Scented Candles

The scent is everything. It is the most important thing that makes a room look warm and inviting. They are lovely to look at, need zero maintenance, and they can instantly make your house smell like heaven. You can try different scented things to make your room smell great, i.e., scented candles, room fresheners and stuff as they can make a significant change to the environment of your house. There are many options like Lavender, Cinnamon, Vanilla, etc. to suit your mood and choice. Lighting a candle when you want to spend an evening relaxing by yourself with a good book, or with your computer is always a good idea. History says that a well-scented house helps you relax and keeps the negative thoughts away. You can have different scents for different parts of the house. Like for your bedroom, you might want to have a nice vanilla candle, while for your living room, a beautiful floral candle will do the trick of keeping the atmosphere fresh.

3. Mirrors make a difference

Interior Design with mirrors

Mirrors brighten up and amplify your room by just exciting on the wall. Mirrors add more light to the room as they reflect the light is entering the room. For this, you need to attach the mirror on the wall perpendicular to the window, if you hang the mirror on the wall opposite the window, it will reflect the light outside. Mirrors can also make a statement in a given space. Use large mirrors, or a series of three to four mirrors to catch attention. Also, mirrors help to hide flaws. So if there is an ugly spot or a hole in your wall, a mirror may be a fantastic way to cover it up and make your room look beautiful.

4. Wall art


Wall art is the most important thing to consider when you are decorating your house. Wall art can help you to choose a color palette for the room you are focusing. The number of varying shades in the art piece can give you ample options to choose from and have your desired look. Wall art also creates a focal point of the room. When you have a focal point set, you can go on with the setting of the room, and even if you want to add more decorating options on the wall. Wall Art also helps to pull up space together and make it look complete. Having a great wall piece stands out and gives a beautiful theme to the room.

5. Curtains and Blinds

Curtains in dining room

Whether for your bedroom, living room, or your bathroom, curtains and blinds can add a beautiful and subtle look to your space Curtains add not only instant coziness, but also control room temperature. A heavy fabric curtain can prevent heat by up to 50%, while light curtains add a touch of cool to the room. Beautiful and chic drapes can add privacy to overlook rooms, and they look magnificent while doing it.Curtains are durable and are a good investment as they last longer and don’t wear out even after washing or dry cleaning them. There is a dozen of textures, designs, and colors available to suit your taste and add a look of glory in your house.

6. Float your furniture

Interior Design with mirrors

While setting the room, we often tend to push the furniture up against the walls, and we think that this will create a more spacious place. But it’s not really the best thing to do as it resembles a lobby or a conference room with awkward distances and hindrances when it comes to talking and enjoying. Instead of having your furniture hug the wall, try floating it! Having floating furniture also helps in having an easy way of foot traffic to flow. It gives multiple ways to move around in the room. Floating furniture can also come in handy when you want to divide a room. For example, if you have an open kitchen area, you can place a couch to divide between a kitchen and the living room.