7 Amazing Destinations for Your Hen Trip

Some brides believe their life will change completely once they get married, and they feel they will no longer have time to spend with their friends. Others feel nothing will really change, and they refuse to adjust their life to their new relationship status. However, getting married is the perfect excuse, as if you ever needed one, to take a girl’s trip, or popularly, a hen trip. This can be the perfect time to finally get all your girlfriends together (you are the bride, after all, your wish is their command), and have a fun time away from home.

Bear in mind though that planning even a weekend away for anything over two people can be quite a task. You will need to be patient, and accommodate different wishes. You will also have to come up with a time frame that suits all of you perfectly, but if you start planning on time, you can manage to swing a week with your posse and have the time of your life.

If you are stuck for ideas about possible destinations, here are a few you might like:



If you feel like traveling somewhere exotic and beachy, then Bermuda might be the perfect choice. The nightlife is also amazing, so you can split your time between hitting the clubs in honor of your marriage, and sunning yourself on the beach, working up a tan for the big day. There are also plenty of golf courses to enjoy, and you can always learn how to surf too! If you can, get your girls together for this never-again opportunity. You will always remember it!


While we are on the subject of exotic destination, why not fly over to Jamaica? You can relax, wind down, and charge your batteries for the ceremony. There are beaches here of course, and the hotels are simply amazing, so you can just lounge by the pool, enjoy your time at the spa, and think of nothing but what to eat for dinner later – no wedding planning allowed.


If you are more into a city break, and would also welcome a city perfect for young adventurers, then Dublin is the place to be. Even a weekend in this charming city will have you all smiling for days on end. The beer is naturally some of the best in the world, the pub scene is like no other, the food is yummy anywhere you go, and the locals are super-friendly! Make sure you don’t overdo it on the munchies and the beer though!

The Czech Republic


If Dublin is too out of your way, why not head on over to Prague? It has a similar pub scene to the Irish capital, with a twist. It is also the number one European destination for hen and stag parties, so you can’t go wrong! Again, there’s amazing beer to try, and the city itself is captivating. If you are in the mood for some exploration, make sure to visit as many of the museums as you can, and perhaps even see one of the plays!


There is more to Spain than Barcelona and Madrid. In case your team is on the adventurous side, you should definitely go on a walking holiday like the Camino de Santiago. You will get to know each other better, work up an amazing shape, and have a bunch of stories to tell when you get back. If this is your last chance to get away as a group, use it to do something truly meaningful!



If you can swing it, then visiting something truly different is an option not to be missed. Singapore is the essence of everything exotic, new and alluring. Enjoy the street food that is nothing like it is in the West, the Eastern markets and the amazing smells. Make sure you are careful what you eat though, as you don’t want to ruin your own wedding, but make the most of this city that never sleeps.

New York


New York

Speaking of cities that never sleep, the Big Apple is ultimately the perfect hen party destination. You will be able to do anything your heart desires, from shopping, trying new tastes, to visiting shows and exhibits. Just remember how much fun Carrie Bradshaw and her own gang used to have. Flying over to New York for a week could just be what you all need – refill your cultural and fashion batteries, and get ready to steal the show on the big day.

There it is ladies, seven perfect destinations to stage your very last do. Remember that you don’t need to find an excuse to fly somewhere with your friends, but that you might as well take the opportunity that has arisen, and have an amazing time!

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