Saturday, December 7, 2019
portrait of beautiful woman with blue cream mask

How Important is Vitamin C For Your Skin?

Everyone wants healthy, glowing skin free of blemishes and dark spots. No one wants to deal with skin cancer caused by the sun's UV...
bread bakery background whole grain loaf

Supplementing your workout: 5 things to keep in mind about whole grains

Grains are an important part of the human diet, and contribute largely to the world’s source of food energy. Because of its worldwide use,...
keto diet low carb concept top view

How to start a Ketogenic lifestyle in 8 simple steps

The ketogenic diet involves limiting carbs to less than 50g per day and making fat your primary source of energy. Because keto is radically...
Healthy diet plan

Basics of a Healthy Diet  

The selection of foods offered to individuals in Western social orders is hugely assorted, with novel foods being created by food technologists. Rather than...
plate with measuring tape closeup fat burning

Best foods and herbs for Weight loss 

Food is essential for our body, just like water. It provides us energy and strength. If we normally eat, then we will have normal...
table tennis net selective focus

5 table tennis exercises to increase your footwork

Table tennis is a type of sport that requires swift movements in order to make good strokes. For that matter, proper footwork exercises are...
young girl practicing yoga

What are the health benefits of yoga?

Yoga is a sport that is widely practiced, among other things because of its positive effects on health. Yoga seeks a balance between body...
Girl Working Out in Open

 7 Essential Tips to Stay Fit for Active Women

Fitness is a long-term and tedious process, especially for women who are dealing with weight-loss. As a matter of fact, muscle burns more calories...

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