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    Health is the harmonious existence of mind and body, if one collapses, other too loses its opulence. We are so habitual with the assistance provided by modern medical organizations that we tend to believe that any unhealthy condition could be cured by medicines or surgery. However, we ignore the fact that prevention is certainly better than engaging in medicinal health. Our lifestyle goes through periodic exposure of pollutants, work pressure and unhygienic approaches, which certainly contributes to the growth of diseases. Diseases not only makes us unproductive but ostracize us from happiness, optimism and objective. Scientists have found that most of the people who are suffering from acute stress and depression are more likely to invite diseases than other people. People today usually looks for the shortcut to health, and thus they rely on medicines, other than following something that promises complete prevention of further health disorder.

    Yoga means union, a union of mind and body to achieve complete harmoniousness and contentment. Yoga has its roots in India, and had been practiced by the natives for millenniums. Now its importance has spread the entire world so much that we celebrate World Yoga Day on 21st June every year. Famous people lauded the benefits of yoga that helped them feel young and healthy again. Yoga has no barrier for caste, sex or religion, it is an ineffable and priceless tribute to mankind, and it is indeed a way to dissolve all health related hindrances, be it physiological or psychological, whatsoever.

    To understand and feel the benefits of yoga in terms of boosting immunity and longevity, we have to practice it in very disciplinary manner. Yoga is nothing but a set of physical exercises (Asanas), breathing exercises (Pranayama), meditation and mudras. One can start with the simple ones, and slowly and gradually, reach the master level. Several ashrams and organizations provide yoga classes, which indeed have a proven track record of successfully reinvigorating health and revitalizing serenity. Following the reasons how yoga influences a healthy life.

    The Asanas or Physical Exercises of yoga boosts the blood flow along veins and thereby causing the circulatory system of our body to function more effectively. Moreover, it enriches the brain neurons and the vital organs, and enlivens those cells that lost its functions due to depression and stress. Many of the Asanas helps in resolving digestive problems and disorders associated with lungs, liver, bones, heart, and hormone to name a few. These Asanas are to be practiced under the guidance of a teacher or guru. The time of practicing the Asanas is very important, the clear and silence ambience of early morning is the perfect time to start practicing the Asanas. Some popular Yogasana include, Vajrasana for curing digestive problem, Savasana for relaxation, Sirsasana for empowering the brain etc.

    Ancient sages emphasized the power of breathing which they call life force. Observing the sequence of breathing and gaining control over it makes a person healthy and intellectually active. Pranayama is the set of breathing exercises aimed to control breathing, which increases the flow of oxygen to the brain and heart. It also enhances immunity and strength.

    Meditation is the most invaluable gift of yoga, which not only enriches the mind and brain, but delivers us to the state where thoughts and emotions dissolves, and we are in neutralization. Meditation is the cure of all psychological, memory and nerve related disorder. It harmonizes our mind and increases our productivity. Meditation makes us optimistic and confident, it indeed helps us to control our desires, and take any actions in calmness and tranquility. Many medical scientists have declared meditation to be a perfect cure of mind or neuron related disorder. Meditation has to be practiced in the early morning in fresh air and silence.

    The science and benefits of Mudra have bewildered medical science for centuries. Mudra gives fast and promising cure for approximately all diseases. Some of the prominent mudras include; Gyan Mudra for empowering brain, Akash Mudra to increase creativity and thought process, Prithvi Mudra to stay fit and energetic, Shankh Mudra to remove any throat disorder and ensure verbal eloquence, Hakini Mudra to balance left and right hemisphere of the brain, and Agni Mudra to prevent obesity and revitalize the digestive system to name a few.

    Yoga is meant for anybody who believes in it, it balances the mind and matter to help us develop our immunity to confront the outbreak of any disorders. Many countries introduced yoga lessons to schools and colleges for the better living of the students.

    Shilpa Sinha
    Shilpa Sinha
    A Content Strategist for CouponChaska, things I like to do the most is reading experiences and knowledge shared by others and sharing my own with readers. Other than these I am an avid traveler, gardener and foodie but conscious about health too. When not in work or travelling I love to spend time with my family and pets.

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