10 cool teen bedroom ideas that will blow your mind

    Human beings tend to behave differently at different stages of life. It is impossible that a teenager, adult and an old man have the same way of thinking.

    When it comes to bedroom ideas, all the people have different perspectives to decorate the bedrooms at different stage of life. For adults, it is just a place to relax. For teens, it is a place to escape from the world, and dream their world. They need it to be vibrant, and the full of energy and representation of their very own personal traits that can change within a couple of days. That is not a piece of cake.

    In this post, we will explain 10 cool teen bedroom ideas that will blow your mind.

    King size room

    Teenagers do not use bedroom only for sleeping. For them, it might also be the place to study or have fun with friends. Therefore, big size room is preferable to accommodate all their passions. However, there is no need to disappoint if it is not available. You can come up with creative ideas that can help.

    Design on wall

    Focusing on different walls can make significant changes in the room, as the wall is the biggest area to work. Hit it with a bold design to cope with vibrant teen life. A custom printed wall is a good option too.

    Smart storage

    Let us admit the fact that teenager and clean room is a very rarely found combination. The messy room is the signature of this stage of life. So keep the smart storage units in your bedroom. You might think you do not need them, but you will be grateful for it later. Following are some of the necessary storage items you will need:

    • Shelving
    • Dressers
    • Cabinet wall around the bed

    Music theme

    You must have the zeal for music if you are a teenager. Music is the way of life to many teenagers. Decorating the bedroom with different musical items would be a great idea. There are many options available. Keep the guitars near the study area. Guitars would add to the style. Hang the posters of the famous bands on the walls. Sign of your favorite singer would be a plus. Some people also recommend using cool musical wallpapers.

    Sports theme

    The Sport is an essential part of teen life. It is not just about the specific charm of any game like cricket or football. It is more about developing the concept of teamwork and making a bond with peers. Decorating the room using your favorite sports theme is a great idea to make room represent you. If you are a football lover, keep some in the corners of your room. If you love swimming, hang the graphical design on the wall. If you are not the fan of any specific sports, but like sports at the general level, keeping a baseball bat or basketball would still work.

    Vintage themes

    Anything that was in fashion in 40’s, 50’s, 60’s or 70’s, falls under the category of vintage. It is not too challenging to bring vintage fashion to your bedroom. It is possible in a number of ways. Use the color scheme that has a lot of pink and earthy shades. A glimpse of recent times looks fascinating to many teens.

    Focus on the fifth wall

    The ceiling is the part of the room in which you can lose yourself. Heed the roof. It can be used in the variety of ways. Use abstract paint, posters or glow-in-dark stars or anything as per your aptitude. They all comfort the teen mind when it is confused or lost, which is part of this stage of life.

    Photographs and fairy lights

    Teenage is a drastically changing and sometimes turbulent stage of life. A growing teenager keeps on changing his or her choices rapidly. Sting lights multiply the charm of room and satisfy teen’s urge for constant change. These effects boost up if lights are intermingled with photos. Hanging your friends and family photos around the lights will make you feel connected.

    Place furniture wisely

    Try to adjust furniture in such a way that it can perform double duty and utilize less space. For example, instead of placing the TV on the desk or stand, hang it on the wall. You might not need a wardrobe if the closet is large enough. Utilize under the bed storage for seasonal clothes. Wall mounted shelving is better than stand-alone cases.

    Find out your own style

    All the tips and tricks would work if and only if you heed your own likes and dislikes. Hanging the music wallpaper is not preferable if you are more into sports than music. Discover your style and design the bedroom accordingly. It should not be anything that does not go with your passions. It should help you to lead your path in life, rather than to distract you from it.

    Hannah is an interior designer by profession, and she knows all the ins and outs of using the right quality of the furniture for home decor. She is also a blogger who loves to write about the home maintenance tips and tricks. She regularly posts on workedge.

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