Key ways to turn your garage into a brand new bedroom

    When you and your family are using all the bedrooms in your house, and you have guests who want to spend the night there, where would you let them sleep? Your living room couch? A couple of air mattresses set up on the floor? Your guests shouldn’t have to make do with sleeping in uncomfortable positions that can leave them with a sore back once they wake up. If you haven’t been using your garage for some time, there are ways to turn it into a brand new bedroom as presented below so that your guests can sleep in an actual bed and enjoy their night’s stay there.

    Some ways to turn your garage into a brand new bedroom

    You may have been storing anything other than your vehicle inside your garage, especially if your attic and basement are already full to the brim with your other old junk. To fully utilize the living space inside your garage, you can convert it into a brand new bedroom by doing the following:

    1. Set aside a budget for renovating your garage.

    Any home improvement project costs money regardless if you can finish it up in a day or it would take you weeks until you get your desired results.

    • You should start saving up so that you have the cash to buy all the tools, furniture and any other accessories that you’ll need to turn your garage into a brand new bedroom.
    • You have to dedicate a budget of at least $10,000 to $15,000 for converting your garage into a bedroom, though you might also want to set aside an amount that’s beyond the latter depending on how fancy you want the bedroom to be.

    2. Get a state building permit.

    So, you bought everything you need to start transforming your garage into a bedroom. But you wouldn’t want to proceed with doing it and face steep fines afterward for violating your state’s building codes.

    • Filing all the required paperwork to start your garage renovation project can consume much of your time. Still, you have to get a building permit from whoever is in charge of issuing it.
    • You can opt to hire a permit service who can take care of getting you the building permit that you need for your garage renovation project so that you can focus on other stuff.

    3. Install some insulation in your garage if it doesn’t have any yet.

    As your garage may not have any insulation, all those hot summer days and cold winter nights can turn into torture for anyone who stays in it.

    • If your garage has roll up doors, you would want to replace them with sliding doors that allow you to add insulation to them.
    • Your garage floor would also have to be raised a bit by adding a layer of insulation and then pouring some concrete on it.
    • The walls and ceiling of your garage should also have insulation added to them so that extreme heat and cold wouldn’t be felt indoors.

    4. Commit to redesigning your garage so that it looks more like a bedroom instead.

    Your garage isn’t a garage anymore once you turn it into a bedroom, so you would want it to play its new part.

    • If your garage doesn’t have any windows, you should have large ones installed so that it feels more like a room and less like a place for vehicle storage.
    • You would also want to install sliding doors that look almost the same as those on your actual bedrooms so that your garage turned bedroom would feel like a natural extension of your house.

    5. Shop for some bedroom furniture.

    A bedroom isn’t complete without any of the furniture that makes it one. Thus, you might want to make a checklist of some of the bedroom furniture that you’ll have to buy.

    • As you’ll be turning your garage into a bedroom and not any other room, you shouldn’t forget to include at least a double size bed in your bedroom furniture shopping list.
    • You can also include a closet, a bedside table, some shelves, and other accessories that can further enhance the bedroom look of your garage as needed.

    If you’ve invited people to come over at your house, you wouldn’t want them to sleep in your living room as it’s not supposed to be a bedroom after all. As you may have a garage that’s lying around unused, you can transform it into a brand new bedroom using the ways listed above so that your guests can spend the night there instead. Who knew that you can turn a seemingly useless garage into an extra bedroom that anyone could sleep in? Who knows, it could even end up becoming your favorite bedroom in the house.

    George Anderson
    George Anderson
    George is a specialist when it comes to garage doors. Working in the industry for over 20+ years he takes pride on helping his clients fulfill their needs when it comes to garage construction. In his spare time, he loves spending time with his family and writing for Shop Garage Door.

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