13 Perfectly amazing personal improvement tips to excel at work!

    The dichotomy of work hard and work smart makes your neurons go crazy! No matter how hard you try, you simply can’t get your hands on both. The dilemma is real! We have built a perception that if we choose anyone of it, we can’t survive in the workplace. Well, no doctrine has said you can’t excel unless you do both simultaneously.

    The right formula for success at the workplace says “Gone are the days when people used to work day and night to get the job done”. Now the things have revolutionized, unless you work smartly, you can’t succeed at work. They say that practice makes you perfect; we say that practicing right things make you perfect.

    Hold on! Don’t stress yourself; we will tell you the secrets that are of help in increasing the productivity.

    1. Deceive multitasking

    “I am not productive at work; I don’t think that I’ll ever find a solution to it.” Don’t feel sorry for yourself, take the lead in your hands. You have to betray multitasking if you want to be productive at work. Doing everything at the same time doesn’t make sense. Multitasking always yields incomplete results. It is better to concentrate on one thing at a particular time rather than doing all the things in one go.

    1. Have an inventory of good habits

    Set your eyes on becoming a “Supertasker” rather than becoming a multitasker. Try to develop good habits. It is not too late to bring positive changes in your lifestyle. Try to improve your one area, write on the flashcard that you will work on it. Suppose, you have a habit of waking up late and you come to the office a bit late everyday, improve this habit and see the change in your life.

    1. Wave Good-bye to distractions

    To reach the peak of crazy level of productivity, block out all the distractions right now. Many of us question that why do some people are so amazing at completing the tasks without making a single mistake? The answer is simple; they make it a habit of doing things with full concentration. They make it their goal of life to concentrate on one thing at a time; they don’t juggle between different tasks.

    For instance; when a difficult task comes your way, block out all the distractions whether it is from the phone that keeps on ringing or your colleague who doesn’t stop disturbing you. There is no problem in letting people know that you are doing some work which requires your full concentration. Take our word for it, the secret key of blocking out distractions will enhance your productivity at work.

    1. Concentrate on the problems you can solve first

    You have a plethora of issues, we do understand. Tackling all of them all-together doesn’t make sense. Some problems require your attention the most. Concentrate on solving the issues that are easy to solve rather than addressing all the problems together.

    Start with the small problems then move towards the solution of big problems. Moreover, don’t stress yourself! Those problems which you can’t solve, there is no point of worrying about it. Not all the things are in your control so try to tackle the problems with a calm mindset.

    1. Take control of your emotions

    Our emotions start controlling us if we don’t control them. We start stressing ourselves for little things. The stress that builds inside us has an adverse effect on our mental health. It is the reason behind the decline of our productivity graph. We start feeling miserable ultimately we get less efficient with every passing day.

    Smart people always have a check on their emotions which lead them to make sound decisions. If next time the problem comes on your way, just don’t stress yourself and look for some healthy humor and try to bring your guards down. Moreover, you can ask for some moral support from your co-worker, maybe you get to hear some practical solutions to tackle it.

    1. Don’t break the flow

    Willing to have a creative state of mind at work? Are you continuously fighting with yourself? Relax mortal! There is a possible solution to your problem; It is “Go with the flow” When you get entirely involved in something, you shouldn’t lose the pace, keep working with the same flow. You don’t have to include yourself in other tasks that make you forget the rhythm.

    1. Show your professionalism

    Healthy humor is never bad but cracking jokes again and again is. You are working in a professional environment so act like that. Maintain your focus on what you do. Handle different situations in a professional manner. Wait! You are taking it too literally. Showing your professionalism doesn’t mean that you start showing your harsh attitude neither it says that you show a poker face. It implies that be professional where some serious discussion is going on. Don’t try to crack jokes in between.

    1. Learn to work smartly

    It doesn’t make any sense to work harder when you have the option of working intelligently. Those days are long gone when people used to work day and night to complete their work. Now, it’s the era of working smartly. You have to find the quick ways of doing things. When you learn the art of working smartly, you will see that you are getting more productive with each passing day.

    1. Have a positive attitude

    The curve on your face doesn’t look good when it is upside down. Learn to smile everyday and face the problems with your full strength. We are aware; it is not easy to see something good in every situation, neither is it a piece of cake to have a positive attitude towards different things. Well, you have to learn the art of having a positive attitude.

    • Be a team player

    “I will do it alone,” you can’t go to places with this attitude. You have to understand that to succeed at the workplace; you have to become a team player. Work as a team that is how you will achieve your goals. Moreover, teammates provide you with the valuable advice, do listen to them rather than concentrating on increasing your numbers.

    • Take the feedback positively

    Don’t take things to heart! Just don’t get disappointed when somebody provides you with the honest feedback. Learn to receive the feedback positively rather than showing your offensive or defensive behavior. Honest feedback from people helps you in succeeding in the workplace.

    1. Build a healthy relationship with co-workers

    Since you are working as a team player, maintain a healthy relationship with your co-workers. When you maintain a good relationship with your co-workers, you will get good vibes from your workplace which will make you do great things.

    1. Take part in the discussion

    Your isolation mode will not help you here. Don’t isolate yourself, become a team player, take part in discussions, share your ideas and come up with the solutions to different problems. Let’s tell you a secret, those people who are prom-solvers occupy a distinctive place at every workplace. You too become a problem-solver and become a valuable commodity for your company.

    Bottom line

    Competition is growing at a faster pace. In this situation, you have to show that you possess extraordinary qualities, show that you are different from the rest. Don’t make a mistake of impressing your boss by saying “YES” to everything. Have your word at work. Prove with your actions that you are a valuable asset for the company. Follow the tips mentioned above and become an indispensable member of the team.

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    Emilie Burstein
    Emilie Burstein
    Emilie Burstein is a professional content strategist these days working at a company providing cleaning services in Canberra. She loves to write about passions, improvement, and other related niches!

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