Living in Delhi Isn’t as Scary as it Sounds

Top 9 reasons to live in Delhi

Living in Delhi often seems intimidating to the people from rest of the country. There are several factors leading people into believing in it. Being the capital of India, the life in the city is fast-paced with people jostling around at all times. However, living in Delhi for so long, I can tell you that living in Delhi isn’t so bad. There are hundreds of reasons to live in Delhi. Let’s take a look at few of them.

Reasons why living in Delhi is better than anywhere else in the country

1. The food is great

Although you can go anywhere in India and find special food from that state, what makes food in Delhi special is that you’ll find anything and everything. It is the most diverse and adapting place to live in. Go to any street and you can find vendors and hawkers selling all sorts of things from ice-cream and chhali (roasted corn) to famous chaat, aloo-tikki, golgappe (paanipuri), paranthe, chicken tikka, kebabs, etc.

There are several places in Delhi famous only for their food including high-street food joints and restaurants in Hauz Khas village to street food in Delhi. Hauz Khas village is also your destination if you’re looking for a bar/pub. Apart from chaat and all, you can also find other cuisines as well whether it is Chinese, Continental, Thai, South Indian, Rajasthani or Punjabi.

2. Ultimate shopping experience

Shopping in Delhi
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If you’re a shopaholic and cannot afford foreign trips to shopping destinations like Dubai, Singapore, Bangkok, Prague, or Hong Kong, then Delhi is the place for you. From cheap street-size bazaars to branded stores in shopping malls, Delhi has them all. Sarojini Nagar, Lajpat Nagar, Tibetan Market, and Janpath are the places to go for cheaper shopping options. Or, if you are looking for brands then you can go to Connaught Place, Karol Bagh, Select City Walk (Saket), GIP and DLF Mall of India (Noida), Ambience and MGF Metropolitan Mall (Gurugram).

Even for wholesale shopping, Gandhi Nagar is the largest wholesale market in entire Asia, while Tank Road is rapidly growing. Last but not the least, Chandni Chowk is one market where you can find everything, both wholesale and retail.

Whenever you’re taking a break from shopping, don’t forget to try out some street food.

If you’re a book lover, you can also find all types of books at very cheap prices in Daryaganj Sunday Book Market.

3. Monuments of historical importance

Red fort (Lal Quila)

Delhi is full of several ancient and incredible monuments with great historic value. There are so many places that even Delhiites wouldn’t know about them all. Some of them are very picturesque, while others are tumbling apart. Some are even being used as slums. Red Fort (Lal Quila), Qutab Minar, Humayun’s Tomb, Purana Quila, and Agrasen ki Baoli are some of the famous ones that you must totally visit while you’re in Delhi.

4. Despite what everyone says, Delhi’s green

Forested Part, Greenery

It’s hard to believe but Delhi is among the Greener cities of Asia. There are several forested parks like Jamali Kamali highlighted with spectacular medieval ruins and Haus Khaz Deer Park. Running surrounded by trees with beautiful birds tweeting all around you is the best morning you will get.

5. Good transport system


Delhi Metro

Although we Delhiites may often complain about the transport system of Delhi, it’s actually quite solid as compared to other cities in India. With the metro covering major locations and growing each year to different locations, your transport woes are nearly taken care of. For records, Delhi Metro is one of the largest successful projects. Those areas not covered under the metro are well connected through buses, auto rickshaws etc. Lastly, with Ola and Uber providing good cab services you can travel anywhere in Delhi at any time of the day.

6. Friendly people

With people from all religion and regions coming together and living in Delhi, you will never have troubles adjusting. The people are genuinely friendly, sometimes so friendly that they will poke into all your affairs, whether you want them to or not. Anyhow, having lived in Delhi I know how easy it is to mix up with others around you. There have been times when neighbors have proved their helpfulness and rescued others from a dire situation.

Being a culture rich country, it’s always great fun to celebrate festivities with people and Delhi people are just great at celebrating, whether it’s Diwali, Holi, or a wedding.

7. India Gate

India Gate (Delhi)

I could have included India Gate with any other point, but for the importance, India Gate holds in the lives of Delhiites, it required its own separate point. This place is teeming with people even in the extreme heat of summers. No doubt, it’s the favourite picnic spot for everyone in Delhi, whether it’s a family outing or a date with your beloved. You can find all sorts of hawkers selling ice-creams, Chana zor garam, candy floss, chuski (esp. Kala Khatta), balloons and little toys for kids among other things.

8. Accommodation options for all budgets

Living room furniture

Now that we’ve discussed a lot of good things about Delhi, this conversation is actually incomplete without discussing the accommodation options in Delhi. Good thing is that Delhi NCR has homes for everyone, whether you want to purchase it or rent it. You can easily find something that suits your budget, lifestyle, and needs with the help of a broker or through various real estate websites.

If your stay in Delhi is not permanent (whether for studies or job), it’s best to rent out space as well as furniture. While finding a house or flat is easy, you might have difficulties in finding fully-furnished houses within your budget. This is where furniture portal renting platforms like Rentomojo come into play. It’s so easy to find furniture as well as electronic appliances of your choice on their website or mobile phone app. There are hundreds of options to choose from. The prices are affordable as well, while the quality of their products is great.

9. Lots of employment and business opportunities

Team at workplace

For people who are looking for employment options, Delhi is a great place. Whether it’s a job you seek or are looking to begin your business, you can rely on Delhi for giving you a head start. As the population in Delhi is on a steep rise, the employment options are spreading towards NCR with several MNCs making their offices in Noida and Gurugram, increasing the number of jobs. Also, to cater to the needs of newcomers, markets and local businesses are in demand as well. There are great opportunities; all you have to do is hit the target.


Living in Delhi isn’t as scary as often portrayed. Though there are several negative points against the capital city, the benefits of living in Delhi are many. It’s easier to start a business or find a job. It’s also convenient to find a house as per your needs. The city is great for nightlife as well as local weekend outings. The food is great, as well as shopping destinations. Believe my words and don’t let your fear stop you from shifting to Delhi.