How to enjoy a perfect morning workout with a kid

    Prior to having a baby, I was the most active individual you know (well, maybe I’m not but you get the point – exaggeration has its application here and there). I went to spinning, tae bo, tabatha and Zumba classes at least three times a week. I worked out at home and biked whenever possible. You get the picture – I was a fitness nut.

    After my daughter appeared on the scene, the only fitness I got was trying to remain standing and not fall asleep right in the middle of my living room.

    So, as time went by, I decided that some change had to occur. If I couldn’t work out and be a mommy separately, I was going to bring those two things together. Working out with a kid and coming up with a morning exercise routine can actually be a lot of fun. Not only does it keep me fit, it creates a bonding experience that I can share with my daughter.

    Without further ado, here are suggestions for morning workout with a kid. I hope that as a new mum, you’ll get to benefit from these as much as a I do.

    You can Start Working Out Together While Your Child is Still a Baby

    The earlier you get started with a routine, the easier it will be to create a family tradition. Your baby can participate in your workouts. The possibilities are endless:

    • Front-carrier squats: put your baby in the front carrier, strap it on and do your squats. The added weight will make the exercise more challenging and the up and down motion will certainly produce at least a few giggles.
    • Do some lunges with a twist: put your baby in the high chair and enjoy breakfast time together. While your little one is having a healthy meal, you will be having a portion of lunges. The idea is simple – face your baby and give them a bite each time you descend in a lunge.
    • Dancing: this is a less intense form of exercise but it can be a lot of fun for mommies that have a newborn at home. Dancing together in the morning can be as slow or as vigorous as you want the activity to be.
    • Reverse baby curl: lie on the floor, face up. Fold your knees at a 90-degree angle. Put your baby on your sheens and bring your knees towards your chest while supporting the little one with your arms. Return to the original position and repeat.

    These are just four of the possibilities. If you do a bit of additional research, you’ll come across dozens of other mom and baby exercise routines.

    Start the Day with Music

    I love this one because the entire family can get involved. Starting the day with music is great for toddlers and for older kids. It’s even great for daddies. Apart from getting you moving in the morning, this decision will set a positive move throughout the day.

    Choose some energizing, cheerful tune. Play it loud while waking up everyone. Turn teeth brushing and getting dressed in a game. Dance towards the kitchen and jump around for a few minutes. Allow yourself to get a bit silly and you’ll feel that energy coming. I promise!

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    Walk the Dog in the Morning

    Do you have a pet? Walking your dog in the morning is another great form of gentle exercise that you can share with your kid.

    Apart from getting all of you moving, going for a walk with the family’s four-legged member will teach your child responsibility from an early age. They’ll get a valuable lesson about taking care of another living creature and understanding its needs.

    Playing fetch and running around will get your lymphatic system pumping. If you’re consistent and you go out for a walk every single day, you’ll hardly need another form of exercise.

    Do Partner Exercises

    As your child grows older, you’ll benefit from a chance to experiment with more complex workout routines. While a baby will add more weight to your workouts, an older child will be a reliable exercise partner.

    There are dozens of partner exercises you can do with a child. For example:

    • Two partners position themselves to do pushups, facing each other. You should be head to head. Do a pushup, return to the starting position and clap one hand together with your partner. When doing the next pushup, clap together the opposite hands.
    • Do a bit of yoga: sit facing each other on a mat. Your feet should be touching. Reach forward and hold hands. One partner should start to lean backward while the other moves forward. For some reason kids love this exercise and find it particularly funny. On top of that, it’s an excellent way to stretch.
    • High five squat jumps: the name says it all – squat, jump and give each other a high five in the air. This is another partner exercise that kids love.
    • Twist with a ball: stand up, backs to each other. Hold a ball in your hands and in front of your body. Twist your upper body to the side and pass the ball to your kid. Return to your original position. Now, your child has return the ball to you.

    Remember: It’s OK to have Some Me-Time

    Working out with a kid in the morning is a lot of fun. Every now and then, however, you may want to exercise on your own. This workout will be a bit more serene, it will enable you to focus and relax. There’s nothing wrong with taking a bit of time for yourself and having a tough workout without getting the entire family involved.

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    Laura Buckler
    Laura Buckler
    Taking an in-depth approach on life, and living to her full potential, Laura Buckler believes that every person should do the same. Being a freelance writer and working for coursework service for more than five years, her goal is to help people recognize their value. For more information, here is her twitter page.

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