Tips on how to follow a healthy lifestyle

    It is one’s own responsibility to lead a healthy lifestyle. This comprises of regular diet routine, sleep cycle and to intake right vitamins for your body.  However apart from a healthy diet, it is also mandatory is to exercise. Because exercise keeps your body fit as a fiddle and keeps your blood circulation right. In today’s generation we are all attracted to junk food, and odd timings of diet & sleep but however managing a right schedule of everything in balance can lead to a much better and healthy routine for you.



    Eating the right food is important for your body, a good intake of vegetables & fruits will keep your body clean and healthy. However limit your junk food intake to one day in a week of cheat-day. Because no one is perfect and sometimes it is okay to give yourself a break. But however, make sure to eat at regular intervals and food that is good for your body. Apart from fruits and veggies, your body requires fiber rich food that comes from dry fruits and brown rice. And also occasionally intake food that has protein like pulses and sprouts.


    Create a time table for you, to sort timings to cope with your work schedule. But however sometimes due to hectic work timings it is difficult to avoid those late nights and even skipping meals. So try to manage your work in a way and always take time out for yourself, because it is already hectic with work on your mind, and you don’t need to stress your body as well. So carry your meals with you and take breaks to relax or complete work faster to get a more restful sleep.



    Exercise is to body like puzzles is to mind, it keeps your mind sharp and similarly your body has constant check on all its systems functioning well. Take time for a jog or an hour at the gym, or even yoga, anything that suits and interests you. Everybody has a different requirement, and once you find one of your interest and benefit, go for it. And with exercise your body releases harmful toxins and refreshes your cycle. Along with a workout regime, you can take protein shakes from Healthkart to make sure you are gaining a proper muscle.

    Water & minerals

    Water is a cure to almost everything, and drinking water can flush out all toxins from your body. And even washing your face, will keep it free from dirt and excess oil clogging your pores. However with our routine we sometimes miss out on necessary vitamins and supplements that our body requires. This can be fulfilled by vitamin capsules with prescriptions from Healthkart with discount offers and other medical retails.

    We all need a break sometimes, a holiday, or a party but however this can temporarily mess your healthy lifestyle, but getting on track is no issue if you take the responsibility. A carefree vacation or a night out with friends, where we drink or eat junk can upset your routine. But catch up by drinking water and eating greens to rebalance your system with fresh food and vitamins. Always remember a healthy body and mind leads to happier soul.

    Srikanth Marripudi
    Srikanth Marripudi
    Srikanth Marripudi, Known for his skill in writing, and with his fluency, is passionate about blogging. He is well versed with the world of online shopping and has a command over words as a shopping blogger. His aim is to help people shop easy and have a delightful experience while shopping online. He has a good eye in researching for shopping hacks for all the internet folks.

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