Top 11 health advice for expecting moms

    Pregnancy is probably the most wonderful time of your life. You can feel another life growing inside you. It’s only natural that both your husband and you would like to do everything that will keep your unborn child healthy and comfortable inside the womb. So, we’ve brought you these advice to enjoy this time and take proper care of yourself and your child.

    Top 11 health advice for expecting moms

    1. Get parental vitamins and nutrients

    Whether you have conceived or trying to conceive, you should consume a recommended dose of vitamins. The neural cord of the baby turns into the brain and spinal cord within the first month of pregnancy along with several other vital parts of your baby. The constant supply of nutrients such as calcium, folic acid, and iron from the beginning will keep your baby healthy. Make sure to ask your obstetrician for detailed prescription and instructions.

    2. Prepare a birth plan:

    Everything should be perfect and according to your choice. You should write down some important things such as who will be the doula, who will be present during the procedures, what kind of food you want to have, which type of entertainment you like, and all other basic things. This preparation will keep you stress-free and let you in enjoy your time to maximum. You should also prepare special plans for your partner, as he is turning into a father as well and the moment is equally special for him.

    3. Get Yourself a Doctor

    The key to healthy and safe pregnancy is to consult a obstetrician on a regular basis, preferably someone you like and trust. This doctor will guide you through the entire pregnancy, labor, and delivery along with answers to various questions about medication, pregnancy tests and emotional ups and downs.

    4. Take a well-balanced meal every day

    It is not just about your health, but also about your baby’s health. The baby require proper nutrition and extreme care during these months. Taking a well-balanced diet is mandatory in achieving a comfortable, problem-free pregnancy and giving birth to a healthy baby. You should consume healthy foods such as green vegetables, seasonal fruits, lean meat, fortified foods, and a combination of healthy seafood. Unhealthy foods including junk foods and canned meals are not healthy for you and your baby. So, avoid such food during pregnancy.

    5. Exercise daily

    Exercise is necessary and helps you stay active during pregnancy. Many women get overweight during these months because of resting more than necessary and remaining active to the minimum. Regular exercises improve blood circulation in your body. It also helps in elevating your mood, considering mood swings could be a serious trouble during the pregnancy. You should also take part in the regular household chores so that your body will remain active except those chores which may put undue pressure on your belly or require heavy lifting. The best exercises to do during pregnancy are Yoga, swimming, Pilates, and walking. You must consult with your doctor to get a suitable workout regime.

    6. Stay hydrated

    Your body needs more water during pregnancy. You must always carry a bottle of water with you. Drink frequently, so that you never feel thirsty. The doctors suggest drinking atleast 10 8-ounce cups (2.3 liters) of water every day. Apart from water, you should also consume other healthy drinks such as juices and smoothies. The water plays a vital role in carrying nutrients to the baby during pregnancy. Dehydration can lead to poor growth of the child and you should never let it happen. By staying hydrated you would also be at a lesser risk of health issues like hemorrhoids, constipation, and urinary tract infections.

    7. Try Kegels:

    Kegels is a set of exercises that helps in strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. These muscles offer support to the bowels, bladder, and uterus. Good thing is that these exercises are very simple to perform. If done perfectly, these can help in easing your delivery. The risk of complications will be minimal. You don’t even have to assign a special time and place for practicing these exercises. You can do them anywhere you’re comfortable with, even on your car seat or on your office desk. Overall, these exercises are a must to keep yourself fit during pregnancy, delivery as well post-delivery.

    8. Keep your hands clean to avoid germs

    It is about providing the immune system some relief and that will be possible only if you avoid the germs. Immune system gets suppressed during this period. The immune system takes care of the baby and it ensures a proper growth of the child. Hence, while your immune system is busy in protecting the baby, you are more prone to infections during this time. It’s easy to catch infections and complicate them quickly. Therefore, you should keep your hands clean, avoid eating unhealthy meals to stay fit and fine. Worst thing is it’s difficult to treat the infections as most medicines are harmful for the developing baby, thus prevention is a must.

    9. Do not take medicines without consulting the doctor:

    You should never take the over the counter medicines during pregnancy. Always ask your doctor about any medicine before taking them. If you’re visiting another doctor for some other ailment make sure you let them know of your pregnancy so that they can advise accordingly.

    10. Sleep at-least for eight hours:

    It can be a bit difficult to catch sleep during the pregnancy, especially when the belly gets to its largest size. Keeping healthy habits would help you sleep better. If it helps you should buy and use a pregnancy pillow to sleep at-least for 8 hours daily.

    11. Monitor the weight gain

    Your doctor will suggest you the ideal weight you should have during different stages of the pregnancy. Monitor your body weight and follow the doctor’s instructions to control it for a healthy delivery.

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