Five Things You Should Know Before You Hit the Gym

To the most of the “laic” world, weight lifting seems like a very simple affair - You go to gym, lift until you can...
Weight Fitness

Can Sporting Gear Enhance Athletic Performance

Over the last couple of decades we have all witnessed significant advancements in medicine and science, as well as in sports in general. As...
Girl Playing Soccer on Beach

The Role Played By Sports in Physical Fitness

Heart diseases, obesity and poor immune system are among the common health problems in the modern world. It does not make sense to wait...
Playing Soccer

Health Benefits of Playing Soccer

Playing any kind of sport is very beneficial for human body and health. Furthermore, every sport requires people to have certain abilities in order...

How to Choose The Best Health Supplement

Today in our busy lives, nutrition is often overlooked. However due to the increased awareness, people are now realizing the significance of optimum nutrition...

10 Awesome Yoga Sportswear Brands

When you are a serious yogi, then nothing can stop you from getting your yoga fix during any time of day. Going from...

Body Mass Index (BMI) – Why is it important

Body Mass Index (BMI) is the metric that is used to assess the weight-based health risks in an individual. It can be used to...

How to model your fitness regime for long-term success

We all have different methods and techniques to stay at peak physical fitness. Some choose to do Pilates and spin classes whilst others may...

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