Tips and tricks on how to stay fit during winter

    Fitness is all over the media during the summer. It’s easy to stay fit when the sun is shining and the weather motivates us to go out of the house and get active. But what to do if we’re facing cold weather outside and the last thing we want is put on our jogging gear and head out for a run?

    Here are 8 tips and tricks to help you stay fit during winter and lead a balanced life that improves your physical and mental health.

    Change your routine

    If you love to exercise outdoors, you can use the change of weather to try new things and revamp your workout plan. When the season starts, it is the best time to map out the new routine and try to look for different ways to stay in shape. Just because it’s winter, it doesn’t mean that there are no more options to stay active.

    You can prepare for winter by buying a package at the local fitness studio, purchasing a yoga plan or scheduling personal training sessions at the gym. The change of seasons means that your body will need a different routine as well.

    For example, if you’re used to exercising in the evening, it’s worth to make some adjustments and work out in the morning instead. You will be far more likely to opt out of exercising at the end of the day if you’re tired and stuck in the afternoon rush traffic because of bad weather. Exercising in the morning, you’ll be sure to get your workouts done to relax at night and stay cozy under a warm blanket.



    Yoga is a perfect sport for the winter months. As the holiday season arrives and everyone rushes to buy presents, it’s easy to let anxiety and stress get out of hand. By doing yoga in class or at home, you can be sure to relax and let your mind calm down every day. Focusing on breathing exercises, you will see your life more clearly and survive the winter holiday season in excellent shape.



    It’s not easy to motivate yourself to go visit a swimming pool in winter, but it’s definitely worth it – even if you are tempted to stay home because it’s much too cold to go outside. Swimming indoors offers an excellent way to stay active in warm temperature. Swimming instantly relaxes your muscles, all the while going easy on your joints and giving you a full body workout in a pleasant setting. After a swimming session, you can prolong your relaxation in the steam room or sauna.

    Try a winter sport


    Winter weather might not be your favorite but remember that it offers a wide range of fun activities you can do together with your family. Try winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, sledding, or ice skating. Trying out a new activity that can only be enjoyed during winter will be extra motivating because you will do it with the awareness that in a couple of months it won’t be accessible to you anymore.

    Incorporate winter sports in your life to spend quality time with your family and keep everyone active. You can take an and ice skating lessons with your friends or spend the afternoon sledding with your kids. Any way to stay active during winter is valuable.

    Visit your local gym


    Even if going to the gym seems more difficult during cold months, it’s still worth the effort. So pack your bag and head over to the local gym to get your blood pumping. If you don’t like lifting weights, you can always join the class – most gyms offer various exercise sessions that suit all tastes. Don’t come up with excuses for staying on the couch – just go and be active. It is good not only for your body, but also for your mind.

    Go running

    Jogging, Running

    Even if it sounds crazy, there are plenty of joggers who love to run during both the warmer and colder months. All you need is good equipment that will keep you warm and allow you to keep up your running habit all year long. You will need warm clothes and good pair of winter shoes to get going. Ear muffs or cap is a good idea too. It’s smart to find a jogging companion to make things more fun and transform your habit into a social activity.

    Exercise at home

    The Internet is full of home exercise programs you can follow at any time. You can do push-ups, planks, sit-ups, or squats. Since the weather is cold and you don’t want to go out, be sure to maximize your training efficiency at home. Exercising for 30 minutes every day is more than enough and will keep you healthy and balanced throughout the cold season.

    Get in the sunshine

    Winter days are short and it might be difficult to get enough sunlight as you wake up each morning when it’s still dark and return home at dusk. But you should do your best and get as much sunshine as possible by going for short, brisk walk during lunch time and spending time outside with your family during weekends.

    Remember that healthy body and mind can’t be achieved overnight.

    Many of us use the cold weather as an excuse to curl up under the blanket and stay at home. But working out is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle and shouldn’t be forgotten just because the weather is not as welcoming as during other seasons. Use these tips and you’ll be on your way to getting the most out of sports during winter time.

    Savannah Wardle
    Savannah Wardle
    Savannah Wardle works at Snowpak. She’s an experienced traveller who loves winter sports and mountains. Whenever not working, she’s at the slopes in the US, Asia or Europe. She’s also interested in photography and film-making.

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